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By: Mike Archobold and Rich Linde, Posted 22 September 2002

Named for the town of Cody, Wyoming, quarterback Cody Pickett passed for 404 yards against the Wyoming Cowboys Saturday night, leading Washington to a 38-7 victory at Husky Stadium. It was the third consecutive game that Pickett has passed for over 300 yards, which is a school record. The Huskies never had to punt the ball and had only one penalty called on them, which occurred near the end of the game. The Dawgs' performance was marred by four lost fumbles.  

Pickett passed for two touchdowns with no interceptions, completing 34 of 45 passes. The Dawgs set a school-record 36 first downs.

The Huskies rushed for 113 yards, with Rich Alexis accounting for 94 of them. 

Wide receiver Reggie Williams caught 6 passes for 100 yards to lead the Huskies in that category. Pickett completed passes to nine different receivers. 

The Huskies sacked Wyoming quarterbacks eight times and held the Cowboys to 255 offensive yards. 

The Cowboys suffered a school-record twelfth consecutive loss, while the Huskies posted their sixteenth consecutive victory at home. Only Miami and Nebraska have more consecutive wins at home. 

The Dawgs rushed for 113 yards on the ground, and had trouble hanging on to the ball when they tried the option, fumbling five times on the night. 

Impressed with the Huskies' performance and taking note of all the youth on the squad, television commentator Tom Ramsey of Fox Sports Net said the Huskies are a year or two away from being a contender for the national championship. He also inadvertently plugged dawgman, David Samek, when referring to Husky fanatics and their zest for dawgdom. 

Play-by-play announcer Steve Physioc noted that Washington has finished either first or second in the conference in eighteen of the last twenty-five years. 

Almost 73,000 fans were in attendance.

Team 1 2 3 4 Tot
Wyoming 0 7 0 0 7
Washington 7 10 14 7 38

Mike's report from the stands: 

Climate:  A beautiful sunny day gave way to a pleasant,
if a bit chilly evening.   An impressive full moon
wafer was visible over Bellevue, reflecting off
Lake Washington and outlining the many boats used
by Husky fans.

Attendance:  My good friend Chris summed it up
well, saying "there are a lot of empty seats here"
at the beginning of the game.  By the second quarter
he remarked "this place is pretty full."  A lot
of fans decided to be fashionably late.  Many tickets
were for sale outside the gates.

- The mood in general at the September games seems
to me to be a bit on the dispassionate side, with
everybody in the stands clearly expecting a win.
There was a lot of grumbling after the clock expired
at the end of the second quarter leaving the Dawgs
empty handed deep in Wyoming territory.  In general,
however, these September games seem fairly laid
back, with the outcome never really considered
in doubt.

- This was the annual high school "Band Day" game.
 There were a large number of local high school
bands present, prima facie including my alma mater,
Shorecrest... Go Scots! 

- The Wyoming colors are basically the same scheme
used by Cow Chip Cookies, and the mascot -- a guy
with an enormous cowboy head including handlebar
mustache and hat -- hung around a bit before kickoff
with the Cowboys so's to get 'em all riled up!!
In the fourth quarter, I noticed the cowboy holding
out his hands in a despairing gesture.

- Booing the day's Oregon "highlights" displayed
on the HuskyTron has become something of an amusing
pastime for many fans.

- Operating the HuskyTron live is difficult.  My
friend agreed that the Husky uniforms looked blue,
and I declare that one player actually appeared
briefly with a GREEN (ouch!) jersey.  When Rich
Alexis appeared to score the corner touchdown but
was ruled out of bounds, the siren blared and the
HuskyTron announced "TOUCHDOWN HUSKIES!" -- at
the same time the Dawgs were lining up to run the
play that counted as a touchdown.  Also, scanning
the crowd revealed in a few persons using the classic
driver's hand gesture.  The operator(s)  of the
HuskyTron do a good job for the most part, of course.
Some problems are unavoidable in real time.

- Jeff Jaeger was the featured Husky Legend brought
on the field between the third and the fourth quarters.
 Jaeger was the kicker from 1983 to 1986 and went
on to eleven years in the NFL.  He appeared with
his family in the west endzone.

Mike Archbold

Time Team How Player(s) Score
1st Q        
9:58 UW TD Pickett 1-yard run; Anderson kick 7-0 UW
2nd Q        
12:22 WYO TD Bradshaw 18-yard run; Donovan kick 7-7
9:15 UW FG Anderson 21-yards 10-7 UW
4:02 UW TD Alexis 1-yard run; Anderson kick 17-7 UW
3rd Q        
10:40 UW TD Alexis 1-yard run; Anderson kick 24-7 UW
4:02 UW TD Arnold 10-yd pass from Pickett; Anderson kick 31-7 UW
4th Q        
12:28 UW TD Reddick 8-yd pass from Pickett; Anderson kick 38-7 UW

Statistic WYO UW
Total First Downs 16 36
  Passing 7 26
  Rushing 8 5
  Penalty 1 5
Total Net Yards 255 549
Net Yards Rushing 86 113
Net Yards Passing 169 436
Completions-attempted 20-31 37-48
Punts Average 7-38.6 0-0
Return Yardage 0 -2
  Punts Yards 0-0 1 (-2)
  Kickoff Yards 3-83 0-0
  Interceptions Yards 0-0 1-0
Penalties Yards 9-85 1-16
Fumbles Lost 2-0 5-4

Passing cmp att yds tds int
Casey Bramlet 20 31 169 0 1
Cody Pickett 34 45 404 2 0
Taylor Barton  3  3  32  0  0
Rushing att yds tds    
Kit Bradshaw 7 55 1  
Leonard Jones 7 46 0  
Derek Armah 5 29 0
Dustin Pleasant 2 8 0
Jovon Bouknight 1 -9 0
Casey Bramlet 8 -34 0
Rich Alexis 23 94 2
Chris Singleton 6 30 0
Cody Pickett 5 -13
Zach Tuiasosopo 2 4 0
Receiving rec yds tds
Scottie Vines 4 60 0
Leonard Jones 3 15 0
Brock Ralph 2 27 0
Jovon Bouknight 2 15 0
Scott Sorenson 2 13 0
Derek Amah 2 -2 0
Aaron Robbins 1 15 0
Malcom Floyd 1 13 0
Ryan McGuffy 1 6 0
Dustin Pleasant 1 5 0
Kit Bradshaw 1 2 0
Reggie Williams 6 100 0
Eddie Jackson 2 21 0
Pat Reddick 5 49 1
Kevin Ware 4 52 0
Rich Alexis 7 55 0
Wilbur Hooks 3 27 0
Charles Frederick 4 40 0
Paul Arnold 6 92 1
Punting punts yds long
Luke Donovan 2 270 47

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